My Final Blog Post

This has been such an amazing class to be apart of, and I have learned so many things I don’t think I would have ever even given a second thought to. I am amazed at how much bad goes on around me and I being so oblivious that I never realized. This week I was on the “Yes” side for our reading by Paul Krugman. Something I didn’t even know about before but actually really agree with is: Cap and Trade. The idea of basically every industry or kind of “Genre” of businesses having a certain amount of licenses, for polluting certain amounts of carbon, to disperse among each other by certain kinds of payments. I really think this could work in keeping ourselves accountable for our personal, also meaning businesses, carbon footprints.

In our Thursday class we finished the movie “the eleventh hour”. While the first part of the movie mostly only gave me anxiety and feel bad for even breathing, the last 30 minutes gave me hope. The way we are trying out different designs and concepts to learn what could possibly make sustainable changes in our lives. They gave an examples of something that seams nearly impossible: Scientist trying to make the same fibers that spiders produce to spin their webs! THATS CRAZY!! and totally awesome. The also touched on a little bit about Cap and Trade, but another big point they made were the ways industries can make changes to help the environment. Certain buildings could be more expensive to make eco friendly, BUT it would eventually pay itself off if it produces more energy than its actually taking up. If I remember correctly we talked about a building just like that in class, and how it actually changes with the seasons and weather. Who would have thought that we would be able to EVER do something like that! Not me. If we keep making changes for the better and adding double or even triple to the nature environment then what we take out, that could make a HUGE difference. As long as we are aware and continue to experiment with new solutions to make the environment more sustainable, then I think that us as a human kind will survive and possibly thrive more.

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