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In our last article of this class we talked about whether or not the market works better than government to transitioning to sustainability. The article I read was in agreement of both market based in command and control approach in environmental economics that encourages cap and trade, carbon taxes and a carbon tariff to help overall reduce the outtake of carbon. One of the main ideas that the article had stated that I really think helps back up the authors conclusion is that “how do you control air pollution that does not respect international boundaries”. Thinking over this quote the overall idea of it is that whether we pollute in another country or we pollute here in the United States, either way the air pollution is having effect on all of us. So the idea of The market working better than government is that if we have carbon taxes internationally then the producers wherever the production is happening will have to pay you for the amount of carbon that they released into the air. So when these big companies are importing clothes from developing countries that they paid little amounts of money to produce, they’re also using is developing countries as a wasteland from the carbon that’s been produced from these companies.

From past history we can see that the clean air act in the clean water act for both effective and created jobs for people the clean air act decreases acid rain and give the economic incentive for businesses to experiment with new technology. In the article it stated three things that are true and why we need something to change the course on what role headed down. One that is the planet is indeed morning, to climate models predicted the temperature rise in three models based on this research that more greenhouse gases equals drastic change in climate. Our society is over ruled by market-based economy into most people that’s really important and affects their everyday life. So if we install these ideas of taxes and restrictions that make corporations pay for them out of gas is in carbon they’re releasing into the air then overall it’ll reduce those amounts. The reasoning behind the disagreeing side of this article is that any attempt to limit omission would be economically devastating this would ruin families and job creation.

Personally I think the idea of putting carbon taxes on any production anywhere globally would be a great idea because it would reduce pollution not only hear the night states but in the developing countries Whose main concern really isn’t worrying about the pollution it’s worrying about the production so the idea of air pollution is kind of just left behind. I understand the argument against it but I believe there’s more pros and cons in making a market based in command and control. My main reasoning for siding with this side is because we have millions of buildings that are already built and we’re not going to tear all those down and build new ones that all have building codes as regulatory policy, that would be a great idea for the future but as of right now carbon taxes are the best idea to help reduce pollution throughout the world.

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