Week 10

As for the three LOLA Shows that I enjoyed the most were the “Granny Pods”, Older Adult  Level of the Mall, and of course the “How Sustainable is Your Period”.

I found the Granny Pods LOLA show very interesting because I actually know a family that kind of did this, in the last 10 or so years of her mothers life. It worked out for the them very well, they moved a storage shed into their back yard, and converted it into a little studio apartment for her. She absolutely loved it, she was able to go into the main house if she wanted, but the majority of the time, she enjoyed staying in her own area. She had cable TV, she had a phone, air conditioning, kitchen area. Multiple times a day the family would call and check on her if they were at work, and when they got home they would check on her and cook dinner and they would all come into the main house and would eat together as a family.

The second LOLA show that I found interesting as the one where they had the upper level of the mall specifically used for the interaction of older individuals. This is interesting to me because, we are currently working on a PACE Program facility in my Studio class, and we are trying to figure out how to make the interaction between older adult feel more natural and not so forced. As well as how to keep them active and self reliant.

For the last LOLA show that I will be reflecting on is the one about a woman’s menstruation cycle. I am sure that I am not the only one that will be talking about this one this week. I think that this one really stuck with me because obviously I am a woman and I have to go through this situation every month, and the fact that she was brave and courageous enough to get up there and talk about this. And kudos to her because she absolutely OWNED IT!!! From a statistical stand point, it is kind of mind-blowing how much waste one woman produces just because of her mental cycle. I enjoyed that she not only gave astounding statistics, but she was able to give us sustainable ways to cut down on our waste.

For the Probes Package of our Client, we have developed an idea that we think that he is really going to enjoy. After speaking with him, it gave myself and my learning community a greater understanding of something that he would use and would enjoy. Also, I know that he stated that he didn’t have visitors very ofter, but if he did host a gathering or something to that extent, he would be able to share this with them relatively easy, and it wouldn’t be using up and of his space that he uses for his treasures. For our idea we will be using biomimicry mainly to get the affect of nature without actually having to use actual nature.


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