Week 12

I really enjoyed this week of class! We were more involved and it wasn’t like we were just listening to a lecture. Also, the LOLA presentations went very well! I love whenever the topics are interesting and not dull.

My favorite topic this week is really a tie between the presentation about the different comfortable hospital outfits and the one about making clothing especially for kids with special needs. I think it is a great idea to change up hospital attire to more comfortable, stylish clothing. I have not had to experience a hospital visit like this before, but I know the way I am and I would not want to have to wear those gowns during my stay. They are not good looking, and they make me think that they are re-used over and over by each patient. Not cool at all. As for the special needs clothing, that is also a great idea. I feel like many designers making clothing for kids don’t really focus on the different preferences that special needs kids may have. For example, some get irritated very easily by fabrics and may feel more uncomfortable than others in that same garment. These type of things should be kept in mind while creating for not only the children, but all people. The last topic I really enjoyed was the one about the sustainable pads. I actually have a friend that mentioned these to me a few months ago. She was in Target and came across these. I would love to give these a shot! It sucks that there are chemically harmful feminine products, because as women we have no choice but to use them! Sustainable products like these could really help us out, along with the environment!

While reading Mr. Vincents probe package, we came up with a few interests of his such as: art and outdoors. Therefore, we wanted to create a place for him to incorporate both. While furthering our final project we will use sustainable theories from human needs, biophilic designs, industrial ecology, and many more. We got our proposal done and are now moving on to find our references. So far, so good! 🙂


See ya!

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