Wicked Problems and.. ways forward

In our last week of class, we discussed the assigned reading of the week which had to do with whether or not the market works better than government at transitioning sustainability. Before and after reading my first initial response was yes, I would always think that the government would have the best control over issues like this because we would all somehow be forced to listen to them and make the changes that they require us to do. While that might be true we also discussed it more and brought up carbon taxes, cap and trade, pollution tax, and the amount of energy being used by everyone that is when I started to realize different thoughts. However, after finishing up the movie the 11th Hour, they brought up a very interesting point where they said that love was the biggest way to help our plant, just by loving it and caring for it and I could not agree more with that. After the movie we all learned that there is a solution to every problem we’ve learned about in class all it takes is help! Help, love, time, and care from everyone living here to unite and make this a better place for everyone. That just ties the whole subject together over these past weeks. We must all learn to love and appreciate our environment or else it will not last long.

As we finished up the last week in class I remembered about coming into class four weeks ago feeling confused and lost over what sustainability meant and what wicked problems were. I had never heard the two words before and I also was never so aware of the big environmental issues happening around the world. I am glad that this course has taught me that we should all care for our planet just as much as we care about all the other issues going on in our regular lives that include choosing what to wear, what to eat, where we should go today, or even what to buy next. Here I am four weeks later from the first day of class feeling more aware of all the problems that we have all put aside over the year. I believe that I have a better understanding now of the definition of both words and I have enjoyed learning about how we can all make a change. I also agree with the fact that we all have a major impact on this earth and even if certain events haven’t happened in our time that does not mean that years from now or even tomorrow it can occur. As I walk away from this course I take with me a valuable lesson that we should all begin to cherish.

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