blog ten: Loving LOLA

I’m pretty sure I said this about the last round of LOLA shows, but I really enjoy watching these presentations! It’s so interesting to learn about all the different facets of sustainability and the topics we discuss in class. This week the LOLA show presentations we focused on the topic of Human Needs. One of my favorite shows was the one about “Granny Pods.” I thought at first this was kind of silly concept but the farther into the presentation I saw how beneficial these really are! I think this idea of a universally designed home could be integrated into anybody’s home, especially older individuals. Just like another LOLA show on the BeClose system. I thought that this was an amazing system! Even though it is a bit of a pricier solution to helping an older family member, this is something I would definitely consider using in the future.

Another favorite presentation of mine was the one on being sustainable through menstruation products. This LOLA show caught me off guard, but had a big impact on me. Not getting too personal with this, so no worries. This show did persuade me to purchase natural, non-toxic feminine products. So I’d call this presentation a win!

On Thursday, my group met outside of class to work on our proposal for our final probe package. For this project we decided to use my grandma as our focus subject. We picked her because she is an older individual who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and we wanted to analyze how and if it affects her daily life. I think we came up with a pretty great problem and solution to help her in her day to day life, and I can’t wait to share it!

‘Til next week!

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