The End

Sustainability Class is coming to an end and I can now say I look at life differently. Sustainability to me is trying to maintain a balance in the world. We need to be aware of our day-to-day activities to save resources. I think humans should be more sustainable daily. In class we also learned about sustainable design I think this is a design that meets certain expectations. My expectation of a sustainable design is that it should be able to be recycled and the design should follow the loop from start to finish that item should not harm the planet. At the start of the semester I wasn’t really aware of the word sustainable and now I think about it a lot. I assumed the class was going to be about recycling and yes we covered it but there was so much more. I feel like I’ve grown as a person from class and I will think about being sustainable in my industry. I will be very careful about not over using.


I have learned about all kinds of sustainability how to be sustainable in the fashion industry as well as the interior design industry. We learned about biomimicry which I now know is the imitation of natural biological designs inventions. Then we learned about closing the loop. Is waste really waste? It all depends on how you look at this waste. The next lesson was my favorite lesson of the semester nature centered design we actually got to go to the botanical gardens and the recycling center while we were there we were having fun but also learning so much about everything we had gone over we were all very inspired by the gardens. We also learned several concepts and went over many topics learning from other students we gave presentations called LOLA Shows and they were all very neat. Next we learned about different types of designs such as empathic I learned about how we really need to step into the life of who we are designing for. We did interviews and got to design something for someone else by really stepping into their life.


I would love to learn more ways to change my life to be more sustainable. How can I reduce the excessive things? I was not expecting to grow my communication skills so much. We were given the opportunity to present every week and I think as a class we benefited from hearing each other’s design.

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