Final Blog Reflection

Here we are…final blog! Wrapping up the semester – which means I’m that much closer to graduation and living the “adult life”. As I sit here and reflect on the semester, it seems like it really flew by. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to get through it and now I have almost made it! When I enrolled in Sustainability, I remember asking friends what it was that had already taken it.

When you think of the word “sustainability” you automatically think “green” or “recycle” but it’s so much more than that now that I have taken the class. The way I would describe it now is how designers develop solutions to benefit and take into consideration the triple bottom line – social, environment and economic stand point – and make sure the future generation will be taken care of, as well as the present. It’s finding problems in our world today that are causing more harm than good and creating better solutions for people and the planet.

There are many learning outcomes from this course that really stick out in my memories – one is the LOLA Show. Not only did I get to research and find things out about my topic, but listening to all the others and learning what all is out there in the world that is sustainable that I may not have come across myself was so fascinating. A lot of companies practice sustainability and take that into consideration when designing their products. Before this course, I was not very aware of sustainability or even policies of certain companies and how they utilize it. Now, while job searching, I have found many companies include their practice in their summary on their home page.  Another outcome I think of is how nature ties into it – for example biomimicry. The many TED Talks we watched showed us how we can create solutions that mimic nature and how solutions are right there in front of our faces if we just look around us and how the world adapts, evolves and changes.  Sustainability in design is one thing, but sustainability in merchandising can be anything from store layout to incorporating nature to packaging and even to the product we sell. I have become more conscious about the things I buy and how they are made and even more conscious on how to throw things away. Learning the things we did in this course will forever be burned in my brain – not only in my future jobs but also in everyday life and how I choose to buy/dispose/reuse/recycle.

Knowing what I know now, I hope to get a job with a company who practices and believes in the importance of sustainability and I hope to grow and teach others about it. If all major companies changed their belief and practices and start promoting it, just imagine the difference it would have on the world. Popular brands and designers could start designing with eco-friendly or biodegradable materials or materials that put off oxygen into the world or with fibers that break down easily – the list could go on and on. If we want our grandchildren to live a wonderful and healthy life, we need to be thinking this way always.

There is a lot more I’d love to learn about in the future – probably a lot that I don’t even know is out there, like when I learned from the LOLA Show. I hope to come across more information on my journey so I can learn, spread it to others, or even email it back to Dr. Jayadas to learn about after I graduate. Thank you for this sustainable journey and for teaching me how to live and pushing me to want to help make the world a better place.

About KensiLawson

I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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