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I think there are many ways to describe sustainability but I would describe it as a concept that benefits the health of the environment or earth. I know this doesn’t fully grasp the idea of sustainability but when I think about this concept I ultimately think of bettering our atmosphere. I think this description could also fall under sustainable design. My definition of sustainability hasn’t changed drastically from the beginning of the semester but I have definitely grown to think of it as something that is extremely important to my everyday activities. I think I realized how important being sustainable is to me when I went home for a weekend during this semester and my parents were talking about how they just put regular trash in their recycling bin. When they told me this I was extremely upset and went on a long rant explaining where it’s going and what that is going to do to our environment. Following this rant I began to tell them the many ways they can be with recycling and reducing waste such as not using plastic bags at the grocery store and using a reusable bag, small differences like this to get them started on the right track. I want to research more about brands that are sustainable and ethically responsible because not only do I want to be more sustainable but I want to support companies that are practicing sustainable acts within ever aspect. I learned about a lot of companies that are sustainable through multiple LOLA Shows that interested me but I want to continue the search through not only fashion but house products, groceries, and much more.

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