My Sustainable Journey Final Blog

We have finally arrived at the final blog and let me tell you I am kind of excited. I have learned so much more in this class than I thought I would and I am looking forward to using the concepts that we have learned not only in my future projects but in my life. In the beginning of the semester I basically thought that sustainability was just recycling and knowing that deforestation and global warming are bad and that we should be more “green” (whatever that means). Now I have learned that sustainability is making products, designs, or life choices that benefit the environment and do not damage it. Coming into this class I knew that recycling was sustainable and I figure that that was enough to help the environment, when in reality it is not. When designing a space or product it is important to think about the materials used and where the materials are coming from or how they are made. If the material is polluting the environment you’re not benefitting the earth or if you are importing materials from around the world instead of local you are using resources and that’s not sustainable either. Sustainably I believe is simple and complex at the same time. Simple in that small changes can really make a difference, but complex in that there are many different types and way to benefit the environment. Something that I really took an interest in is reducing waste not only in design but in my own life. I have been looking into people who live zero waste, and while I admire them and their techniques I would only like to implement a few of their ideas into my life before diving in head first. There are certain things that in my life right now I cannot cut out like certain groceries and whatnot. There are many different resources such as books and video to help with reducing the waste we put into landfills, and I look forward to learning even more.

Since I am interested in reducing waste I really enjoyed learning about the cradle to cradle concept. I love the idea that a product can be made without any waste. That really just makes me feel inspired. With cradle to cradle at the end of the products life it can be broken down and either reused or recycled. What surprises me is that the c2c concept is not more mainstream or advertised. When doing my LOLA show over the c2c chair by Herman Miller I was surprise how hard I had to search within their website to find where it was certified as c2c. If I was any regular customer looking at said chair I would have no idea how sustainable it was because they didn’t have it advertised very well about their sustainability without deeper research. I would really like to see more and more products become c2c certified, and really maybe one day seeing all products c2c!

At the beginning of the semester I honestly was not looking forward to this class. I felt like at the time I knew all that I needed to know, and I was also still a little upset that I didn’t get the chance to take the class in Taos, NM like I wanted to. And the class is much longer that I can really handle, but surprisingly enough I did learn some new things in this class! Somethings we went over I knew about or had some experience with, but others not so much. Somethings also were a bit of a repeat from problem solving. Overall did I learn new things? Yes. Did I enjoy the class? Not all of the time. But am I glad I took it? Yes. It has opened my eyes to new ways of being a good friend to the environment and how I can better my designs.

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