Final Blog

I cannot believe the semester is coming to an end, and this is our last blog. As much as it saddens me that time is flying by; I want to say YAY. Yay for learning new things, having interesting discussions in class, understanding different perspectives, and yay for me being a step closer to graduation.

Now, I define sustainability as helping out the environment. Any act, big or small, is contributing to the lessening of harm done to the environment. Being sustainable means to actually care. At the beginning of the course, I thought sustainability was limited to just reducing waste. I have learned that there are so many other things we can do besides just making sure we recycle or not litter. I have learned that even throwing things away sometimes does not help, because it just ends up in the landfills. This class has expanded my knowledge on the whole concept of being sustainable.

If I could pick one topic I truly enjoyed it would be the nature inspired designs. That has probably been my #1 favorite out of everything. There was a video we watched about the bamboo home and that immediately made me want one. Even though it was all bamboo, each piece was unique and real, nothing about it was dull. Just to have something so close to being outdoors, but be your home. That is truly amazing. I think it is so beautiful to incorporate nature with designing. Especially in our homes, or even in stores. In my mind this seems like common sense. Who wouldn’t want nature in their home or shopping environment? Being around nature is honestly makes me feel my best and happiest. There is something about being around trees, unique plants, tall grass, and anything that is just there naturally that gives me an extra boost. This will be the topic that sticks with me, because there might come a day whenever I want to open my own store and while creating how I want it to look; I know that it will in some way be inspired by nature. Nature is a true inspiration.

After this class, like I mentioned above, I will want to further my research and knowledge in nature designs. There are so many benefits that I did not know about until now, and many other people probably don’t either. Technology is taking a toll on a lot of minds whenever thinking about how to spruce up a store or make it seem more welcoming. However, the answer is right in front of our eyes if we would just look. Incorporating nature in the right way could lower costs, brighten consumers mood, and help in a lot of other ways if we just gave it a shot. I will definitely take what I have learned not only about this, but many other things as well, and share with my future peers. It is too awesome not to share. 🙂

Until next time,


Shanniyah Butler 

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