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I can’t believe that this semester is coming to an end! It feels like it just started. At the beginning of the semester, we were asked to define sustainability in our own words. I remember being a little apprehensive on what to write, because although I have learned a lot about sustainability during my time at Oklahoma State, I really didn’t know how to define it, appropriately. I always just understood sustainability as being environmentally conscious through everyday life. Although that definition is true, there is so much more to it than that. Sustainability means to both efficiently and effectively maintain a lifestyle that consciously avoids overusing the Earth’s natural resources. In terms of sustainable design, we can take that definition and apply it directly. Sustainable design, means to design a product or place that wouldn’t negatively affect the environment now or in the future. Sustainable design hits close to home with me being that I am an interior designer.  We design a variety of buildings that will undoubtedly be around for years and years to come. It’s important that these buildings and everything they contain be sustainable.

There were a variety of things during the duration of this course where I had an “epiphany” moment. One of those topics was Biophilia. So, I’ll admit that I have previously learned about this term and had some experience with it. However, this class went way more in depth. Biomimicry is a topic I think I could read about forever. The whole concept is completely mesmerizing to me. I was really able to expand my knowledge on this subject through my LOLA Show research which was on biomorphic forms and patterns. While putting together my presentation and reading about this subject, I found some really interesting information about architecture and the environment. This information is already something that I’ve applied to my practices and will continue to learn about. With that being said, the LOLA Shows have been one of my favorite aspects of the class. Another favorite topic that we’ve covered in class is Empathic Design. As an interior designer this is such an important concept to know and apply when working with clients. I really enjoyed hearing other student’s testimonials about their thoughts and perspectives about Empathic Design. As interior designers we’ve learned about this for many years, but it was really interesting to hear design solutions from apparel design students because they covered issues that we normally wouldn’t think of.

This journey through sustainability was so fast but it was very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the experiences this class gave us, as well as the conversations we had on a daily basis. My favorite class day from the whole semester was the day we did the activity at the Botanical Gardens. I wish class could be that adventurous every-day. I love being outside, even if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. I truly believe that nature is therapeutic, and the trip to the Botanical Gardens was very memorable for me.

Moving forward in life, I would love to be someone who lives a completely green lifestyle. I will graduate within a couple weeks and start my new journey as a real-world adult (yikes). As I begin this new season of life, I would really like to change my lifestyle in a lot of different ways. One thing I have realized this semester is that I have accumulated an obnoxious amount of grocery bags from Walmart from my many grocery shopping trips. Since grocery shopping is something that everyone does, I would like to change my experience and find a place where I can reuse bags or take glass containers. I was given this idea from a Buzzfeed video about a young girl around my age who decided to live 30 days without any kind of waste. (I’ve provided a link below, it’s really interesting!!) She gives so many different examples of ways to reduce or reuse your trash. Although living a life with zero waste may seem unattainable, I would like to see how I could try and do that, or close to it. I would also like to apply Sustainable Design to my future practices as an interior designer. I have accepted a position as a residential designer, so I will be working directly with homeowners around the metroplex. I would love to share the concept of sustainable design in order to promote a eco-friendlier lifestyle among everyone I work with. I’m really looking forward to doing so, and I will definitely be drawing on the lessons and experiences from this class! Thank you Professor Jayadas for this class and everything you have taught us. Your passion does not go unnoticed and I have greatly appreciated it!


Link to Buzzfeed video:

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