Adapting to Change

At the beginning of this semester I had defined sustainability to be described as having hope for the future by changing the way we live our lives today. While this description of my take on sustainability hasn’t differed much from the beginning of the semester, I do think that the word changing should become gradually adapting. I have learned this fall how difficult it is to actually change old habits that have become so natural without realizing the potential harm that I could be contributing in. I have had to adapt my mind gradually to consider alternate ways to achieve the same goal by researching alternatives. That is what I truly think sustainability is, the learning and researching that encourages the idea to adapt to a new way of doing things that hold a potentially better future. Instead of asking and persuading people to change with scare tactics that show a destroyed future, the strategy to get other people to adapt is by sharing as much information about the benefits and personal testimonies to have proof of a better present time, which will eventually lead to a great future.

I had a few takeaways that I think will play a huge part in my sustainable life going forward. For starters, my better understanding of what cradle to cradle and the closed loop cycles are both two concepts that I didn’t know much about before. Working in the design industry it will be a useful tool to now look closer to the specs of materials being selected to help me make selections that are going to be more sustainable solutions to the designs that I may work on in the future. From my Lola show presentation, my connection to cradle to cradle materials is important when understand the different levels that can be accomplished. Having also learned more about biomimicry, if I ever become an inventor of some fabulous product, I think that it would come from using some type of inspiration from biomimicry of nature after having incorporated this concept into so many of our projects this semester. The third take away is more personal and is relative to something I had been researching since august, but with the presentation given from a Lola show it made my decision clear to buy this sustainable product that I believe will have a better turn out for my own sustainability journey. Of all these lessons that I have learned this semester, I am most excited to experiment with the biomimicry concept theory. Who knows, maybe ill end up becoming a furniture designer and create some really crazy designs inspired by my indoor plants survival.

Something that this class may have not been able to teach me more about, is how to actually incorporate some of the theories into my future. A lot of what we discussed in class seem like wonderful ideas, but I feel like I lack the ability to actually know how to incorporate these into future designs since I more than likely will be working for a firm and will have people making the decisions for these theories above me or may not even have considerations for these types of designs. If I could have, I would have liked to maybe complete a personalized hypothetical activity that allows us to test out what we would say in the position to promote a more sustainable solution. Other than that, I feel like I learned a lot more about sustainability theories that I hadn’t expected to learn and I always enjoy listening to the TED talks throughout the class to get a realistic feel for what other people have done to incorporate sustainable solutions into their field of work. Overall, this course was very interactive to talk about ideas with our classmates and express our creativity to learn and adapt our mindfulness together.

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