Final Blog

Here is to another semester of blogs and probably more to come. This course has not only taught me about sustainability but has opened my mind and eyes to the reality and importance within sustainable designs, projects, etc. and how important they are to our lives and the planet.

To me i would define sustainability as a way of life, to maintain an ecological balance between yourself and environment. Sustainable design in my terms can be classified by simply designing with the world and others in mind, keeping these thoughts throughout the design process making sure that each design concept is beneficial in use and the planets ecosystem. These personal definitions have not differed from the start of this course mainly because i came into this class with a strong understanding of sustainability/design.

As this course has unfolded, there were several key concepts and major learning points for me, but the most pronounced epiphanies for me was learning about the various cradle to cradle products/companies and the natural inspired designs. Starting with a TED Talk about a residential architect who strictly built elaborate homes from bamboo shoots, nature inspired design sparked more of an interest in my own design process adding inspiration to what knowledge i have already gained about biomimicry. This natural construction lead into cradle to cradle products and the new concept of interest. C2C was presented in lecture over various products that were manufactured for various uses but then could be transformed or broken down for a variety of other use. This concept eventually was a base for my LOLA Show.

Over all this course was jam packed with new needed information that i will apply to all of my future work. I came into these lectures with no expectations other than to understand and gain more knowledge about sustainability. This course can in handy at a time where restoring our planet is a hot topic and i intend to do my part to keep sustainability within design. Knowing what i know now about the plant and environments, i want to further my personal studies within sustainable designs so i can better the future of interior design and architecture.

Thank You for new beneficial knowledge to a world in need.

-Kobey Campbell

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