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Sustainability to me, means that whatever it is it can maintain itself without causing waste and polluting the Earth. Sustainable design would be a design or product that can sustain itself. I do not think these definitions are any different from the beginning of class. I think I just have a better understanding of the definition and what all avenues go into sustainability. I know what theories are involved in sustainability and know somewhat how each theory can be related to merchandising. Sustainability is an important concept to know and continue to learn about in our society. By learning about this topic, it will help all of us starting our careers hopefully help create a better world wherever each of us end up.

Through this course I have learned how important sustainability is and how relevant it is in our lives now. Before this class, I knew it was important to think about where you shop and what exactly you are supporting and that recycling was important. After this course, I know that recycling is not enough and that there are many other ways to have a sustainable lifestyle. My eyes have also been open to all the opportunities there are within my industry and in the interior design world that we all have to implement these ideas and theories. I have started to become somewhat more sustainable and plan to continue on as I start my life outside of college. I have started recycling as much as possible. I have started to shop local at every opportunity I have. I have also limited my shopping because I know how much fashion waste there is. I feel like I have become an educated consumer and think about where my money is going when I buy something from a big company. I have also been trying to teach my friends and family about what I have been learning and trying to get them to think about these things and have a more sustainable lifestyle.

We learned and covered a plethora of topics over this course. One topic I found really interesting was Biophilia. I really enjoyed the LOLA shows that related to Biophilia and thought there were some great ideas. After learning about this subject, I would really like to incorporate this subject into whatever career path I choose. I have thought about opening up my own store later on down the road and I would definitely keep the idea of Biophilia in mind and use that in my store space I create because I know how important it is to have nature in a space where people frequent. It would bring something unique to the store and would be great for my customers and myself. I do not remember if it was in Sustainability or in Problem Solving but I know we talked about the living walls that are made from plants. I absolutely love that idea and think it is a great way to add a biophilic design into a space. I also enjoyed learning about Empathic Design. This was the topic for my LOLA show and I think it was great to try to think in this way and learn what companies and products are out there that have empathic design at the center of their focus. I think this is another topic that we should all (merchandisers, interior design, and apparel design students) should keep in mind as we prepare to graduate and go into our careers. We could all make a difference and make the world a better place if we all take what we learned in this class and implemented some of our favorite ideas into our workplaces. I did not really know what to expect to learn in this class. Obviously I knew it would be about sustainability and I got a little taste of that in Problem Solving so I figured we would cover the topics that were related to sustainability in Problem Solving in this class. There was not anything that I thought we would cover that we did not. I honestly learned something new every week and thoroughly enjoyed all the topics covered in class.

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