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Sustainability is, the ability to maintain a certain lifestyle which benefits yourself, others, and the environment. It is the action of ensuring there is a healthy balance in society and the environment. By making healthy choices and creating new ways that can be applied by others to solve many problems that might halt the outcomes of current sustainable practices. Sustainability is making sure that future generations can live in an environment better than our current one. It’s the act of solving problems and challenges that can help humans individually, humans a whole, the environment and its many organisms, and more. The most important aspect of sustainability is Sustainable Design. Sustainable design is when we can create an object, idea, or system that can act as a solution to any problem/challenge we face. With sustainable design we are able to create something that can prove to be helpful to others and our environment. An example of this is when the windmill farms were created to generate energy for cities rather than using coal which is a contributor to air pollution. Sustainable design is coming together to ensure the human race can benefit from a sustainable solution and live healthier and easier lives in the future. Sustainable design is creating products that last longer, help even more, and extend the lives of many. In the begging of the semester I didn’t really give thought to sustainability and sustainable design. Although now, I understand what these concepts mean and I have learned how I can take the actions of being sustainable in various ways and solve various problems sustainable solutions.

There are a couple concepts that I feel will always stick with me after being in this course. First is Biomimicry, in my opinion this is one of the most important key concepts to include when it comes to sustainable design. This is because I feel our environment and the organisms that are apart of it have much to teach us. The way plants and animals survive and function is extremely incredible and much more evolved than how we live. Plants and animals are more in tune with the planet than we are and we need to learn from that in order to survive and make earth a healthy place again; we need to learn from them in order to be sustainable. When we take from nature and apply to technology we create the combination can be beneficial and highly sustainable. Empathic design is something else I feel is very important. Being able to create products that can help a person or a group is one of the most sustainable actions in my opinion. When empathic design happens it means we care about helping others and ensuring they can live a happy and healthy life. It’s creating something that has a small or large affect and the results will likely always be big. The class really taught me the many ways I can be sustainable and improve my life and the life of others. I can also now take what I have learned and apply to my career and the fashion industry; as well as spreading this knowledge to anyone so that action of being sustainable, most-importantly, grows in my generation. We looked at various aspects of sustainability and watched many examples of how others are being sustainable and creating a better world, nothing is more important than that. In this course I also learned how to work with others so that we can create a sustainable solution, this is important to me because it taught me that when people come together to solve a problem the solution has an extremely positive and beneficial result(s).

The only thing I want to learn more bout in the future is are the sustainable practices and/or products we’ve learned about still in use, have they proved to be beneficial, and is it that they are being improved to be even more better than they were initially. Is the act of being sustainable growing and is it being recognized and pushed out in society so that there is awareness? What products are sustainable that I already use or should use? Will technology become more sustainable as it improves and evolves? Overall this course has ben very interesting, beneficial,  and has opened up my mind even more to the importance of helping others and the environment.

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