Continuing On After It’s Over

Now that we are nearing the end of the semester, I like how this blog is giving us the time to reflect on all the things that we have learned this year.  At the beginning, I thought that I knew what sustainability was, and when asked to say our opinions on the first day of class, I remember saying that it was eco-friendly design.  While this still stands to be true, I know now that it has so much more depth than I thought was possible.  Now I have learned topics like C2C and C2G that mean more to producing some products than I would have thought before.  I know that if you are able to produce something amazing why not make it to where it does not harm the environment as well?  I feel as though that could be a better contribution to the world than the latest and greatest thing that probably won’t last for more than a few years.  I think one of the best things that we did during this class that helped shaped my idea of what sustainability was, was watching the TED talks.  Through those we got to see more of the real world application to what people were actually doing today to better the world through sustainability.  Because of them I found myself able to relate what we were learning in the classroom to others.  I think my friends were able to find some of the same topics interesting as I did, which was great because I felt as though I was teaching them to be more aware of things that were happening in the world. I think now that we have reached the end of this course, I can say I view sustainability in a different way.  It is now more to me than just being aware of what I recycle or turning off the lights when I leave a room.  I find myself talking about some of the topics or stories that we touched on in class with my friends.

I think that as a designer I will take away some of the material and apply it to my design life.  I think that things such as cradle to cradle and closed loop cycles will play a huge part when it comes to picking materials or items out when doing a space.  I want to be more aware of what people in the industry are choosing to add to their collections or what they are choosing to sell to clients.  I think that selecting things that in the end can be recycled or reused in some way can really have a positive impact on the environment later down the road.  I also think that it is important to be aware of these things when it comes to building materials and finishes as these choices can set up what the rest of the building will pay attention to when they are designing spaces.  I know that my LEED certification was very beneficial for me to study for and take during this class period as I think that some of the things that you have to know for that exam were touched on in this class.  I think that as a new designer to the industry I can make a difference in what spaces have in them, which will hopefully be very sustainable products.  I knew I always liked the idea of sustainability but now I think I have an actual understanding of what it truly means to be a sustainable product.

I know in the future I want to further my LEED education.  I am hoping to gain some of the AP certifications that are available to build a better future.  I think that even though most of the class was not interior design I think that we could have benefited from touching on this subject a little bit.  I think that it would be something interesting for others to be aware of because they could be building a home or business one day and this is a certification that they could consider obtaining.  It provides so many benefits to not only the client that is building but to the environment as well.  The class overall was interesting to attend most days so I feel as though I did not lack any information overall.

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