Final Blog

Final Blog

Madeline Manning

Sustainability to me is thoughts, actions and beliefs of saving our environment. Though everyone each believes his or her own thoughts on sustainability. There is so much that plays a role in living sustainable and being sustainable. Not everyone has knowledge of this idea and I think that it is important that we take what we have learned in this class and educate others. We talked about activism last week, though I would not want to be activist I think that it is vital to our earth that there are activist making a difference in our world. I think that I have a more broad understanding of sustainability is, and that it is not just about saving the planet. I think that I still have a lot more to learn about sustainability, and I feel that I will definitely learn a lot more as I begin my internship in the industry this summer. I find sustainable design very interesting, because if there was no such thing we just continue to kill our earth and livelihoods. The sustainable designers mind is wired differently than just a regular designer. They have think above and beyond designers, and figure out how their design can help others while leaving a small carbon footprint. Before this class I had no idea what sustainable design was, I knew of companies trying to go green but never imagined the complexity that it actually takes.


I have learned of the impact the fashion industry makes on our environment. It saddens me to think how many lives are affected just by the clothing that we wear. It destroys water sources, diminishes natural resources and harms many other aspects of our environment. Prior to taking this course I did not know to the extent of these harmful effects. It has really made revaluate my shopping habits and how much I buy as a consumer. On the contrary it is very difficult being a fashion major while trying to conscience of shopping habits. I know for me I love fast fashion because I can be trendy at a low cost, at the same time I do appreciate classic pieces that can last for years. One way that I like to shop sustainably is by consignment shopping. Personally I prefer to consignment shop over regular shopping because you can find such unique pieces that not many others have. I also strongly believe in keeping all my clothes because everything will cycle around in the fashion world, though it drives my mom nuts because our entire attic is filled with only my clothes.


I have learned a lot in this course, many things I would not have had knowledge of otherwise. I would have liked to go into more depth about ways I can personally change my habits to help the environment. I know that all the little things tremendously help the bigger picture. Though we may not have gotten into deep detail, the practices that we discussed have changed my mindset. For example Bailey and I began to carpool to every class, I try to carpool as often as I can when travelling. I still struggle with constant water bottle use; my roommates and I go through way too many cases of water bottles. In the near future I would like to gravitate to little water bottle use. As for my future in the fashion industry I think I would like to work for a company that has a sustainability mission. But I think that the ultimate goal would be to own my own styling company that uses classic pieces whether it be vintage or second hand.


Overall I truly enjoyed this class. I loved getting to know my learning community and working with them. I loved that we had so many opportunities to present in the class because that is great professional practice. I look forward to applying the knowledge that I learned in this class to my fashion industry future! Thank you Dr. Jayadas for another great semester!




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