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Final blog


Before starting this class, I didn’t know much or honestly didn’t really care about sustainability. Throughout this class we learned a lot about what sustainability is, ways to become sustainable, and sustainable designs. In the beginning of the class I thought sustainability was just about things like recycling. Now that I’ve learned about sustainability, I would define it as ways of doing things to not harm the environment or destroying natural resources. I learned that there are many methods and different types of designs to sustainability.

One thing I took away from this class is the amount of waste that is produced in the world. I always knew there was waste, but from seeing pictures and talking about it I realized that there is a ton of waste in this world and things I’ve been doing throughout my life I’ve been adding to that waste. After learning about this I started changing my ways and trying to not cause as much waste as I have been doing previously. I also learned that even recycling isn’t always the best way to becoming sustainable. Instead of just focusing on recycling, I can focus on reusing my things like plastic water bottles to help this problem.

I loved learning about sustainable design. One of my favorite design methods is biophilic design. Biophilic design is connecting our needs and nature in the built environment.  I learned that biophilic designs can reduce stress and improve our well-being. I really enjoyed learning about this topic and did my LOLA show on it. There are also 14 patterns to biophilic design that I learned about. Another one of my favorite design methods is biomimicry. Biomimicry is designing from being inspired by nature. I loved the TED talks and other examples of biomimicry that we watched in class. It’s so inspiring to see how people come up with these beautiful ideas that were inspired by nature. Next time I have to think of designing I am definitely going to look to nature for inspiration.

I think we learned so much through this class. Something I would like to know more about in the future is probably programs or groups about sustainability that students could join. I know we learned about a couple, but maybe just to have a few more introduced to us could be useful.

Now that I’ve learned so much about sustainability, I will change the way I’m living and focus on living a more sustainable life. Before I make a decision, I will think to myself whether or not this decision is going to be harmful or effect the environment.

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