Final Blog

As I look back at my journey throughout this semester I can honestly say that I have noticed myself using more sustainable practices and I have also noticed I have a different perspective about the world and specifically the fashion industry.

When starting to reflect on the semester and I went back and read my first blog to see what I thought sustainability meant, here is what I stated, “Sustainability to me is finding ways to cut back on things you can go without, while finding different more environmentally and economically friendly solutions.” While I think this is a good definition of the term, I believe it has many different meanings. Throughout the semester my view on the topic was extremely broadened. In my own words today I would say sustainability is finding creative solutions to reduce harm to the environment while also finding ways to benefit the environment for generations to come.

My journey through the course was full of learning with each class period. One of my favorite things about the class was while I could find a way to connect everything we were learning, there was always something new and exciting to learn about what people around the world are doing and creating to make the world a better place. I found that as the course went on and we were gaining more knowledge on sustainable practices, I was never bored with what we were learning. There was always something or someone that would inspire me to do something about the worlds current situation. I think some of the most important things I will take away from this class stem from the ‘crazy’ people we learned about who are doing things to make a difference around the world. From people like Temple Grandin stepping into the shoes of a cow to Patricia Moore who stepped into the shoes of an elderly woman. I thought the way these two women dedicated there time and efforts to really understand their subjects were really inspiring. I think what I can take from learning about these women is to really give it my all and dedicate my own time and effort to whatever I am doing.

Another thing that I found very interesting was learning about different companies like Nike who said they were sustainable and actually were not when someone came and really inspected their efforts. It really stood out to me that consumers hold the purchase power and they have the ability to say no to buying products from companies who are not being sustainable or fair to their workers. If enough people took a stand against companies like that and did not purchase things from them, they would really feel the impact. I think the fact that I realize that impact now, I will take that with me and be more conscious of buying things from certain places. I found that all of my expectations were met during the semester. I was extremely satisfied with my journey throughout this course and I can’t wait to see how I will use what I learned in my life and future career.

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