Final Blog!!

In the beginning of this course I wasn’t fully familiar with sustainability or sustainable design but I could make a pretty good guess. However, throughout the course of this semester I was able to learn and make myself familiar with what these terms mean and how to implement suitability and sustainable design into my everyday life or future career. Sustainability in my own words is simply the action of sustaining your usages, recourses, etc. in a way that does not harmfully effect our environment socially, economically, or ecologically. Sustainability design is designing a product, store, or any physical object that benefit our environment socially, economically, and ecologically.

During this journey I have learned a lot more than I thought I would in one semester. The activities I enjoyed most in this class were the Lola shows and design slams. I think these activities taught me how to work in a group, get out of my comfort zone, think out side the box, and come up with ideas in a short amount of time. I believe these activities really changed the way I think. I also liked learning about empathetic design, biomimicry, design activism, sustainability facilities on campus, and so much more. I believe all the things I have earned in this course will follow me into my future career. In the future, I hope to continue learning about ways to be sustainable in my everyday life and ways to implement sustainable concepts into my career. I hope that my sustainability journey continues after this course ends.

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