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Throughout this semester, I learned a lot about sustainability and all of the different theories to accomplish a sustainable lifestyle.  After learning everything I have from this course, I would describe sustainability as designing products and making lifestyle choices that benefit the world without hindering our future environment.  At the beginning of this course I knew about sustainable living but was too lazy/ignorant to make the lifestyle choices to obtain a more sustainable environment.  As I learned more concepts of sustainability throughout this class such as cradle to cradle, these concepts really explained the entire aspect of sustainability. I caught onto its importance and how easy it actually is to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Since that lecture, I began making small changes throughout my daily life.  The changes I made included recycling items as much as I could, as well focusing on living a less materialistic lifestyle and truly appreciating what I already have.  I never realized before this class how ridiculous over consumption in the United States- actually a lot of places around the world truly is.  I believe that is the most important lesson that I will take away from this course- understanding needs vs. wants and always being thankful for what I am already blessed with, instead of aspiring to obtain unnecessary material objects.  Knowing what I know as of now, I hope to learn more about being a communicator and advocate for other people to be able to come to the realizations that I have from this course.  I hope to be able to communicate the importance of living sustainability in a way that will inspire others and lead to a healthier environment for everyone. I also hope to implement the theories I learned into my future career and work for companies that ensure the same sustainable values that I have learned.

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