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To me, sustainability is being aware of what effects you have on the earth and how to go about making proactive change. Throughout this course, I have learned all about different ways to practice sustainability and how the fashion industry does or does not utilize sustainability. At the beginning of the semester, I did not really know what sustainability was, just that it was important for us to know.

Something I really loved about this course was having so many opportunities to be creative and collaborate with the people in my learning community. I loved the design slams and getting to feel like I was creating a real life solution. I also really liked hearing more about the behind the scenes of the recycling office. I had no idea that some of the things that are classified as “recyclable” were not actually recyclable and were just taken to a landfill. I think this information needs to be made more public because not everyone knows the ins and outs of recycling.

This course was one of the most informative classes I have ever taken. I have learned so much in such little amount of time. I really enjoyed getting to have out of class activities and getting a chance to work more with others in the learning communities.

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