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I would describe Sustainability as working within your means and not using extra resources if they aren’t 100% necessary. As for Sustainable Design, I would describe this as designing for a purpose and making sure that you are achieving what you want to, but not going beyond what is necessary. To elaborate, I think that as an interior designer this means that I would use resources that are readily available to me, and not picking finishes that would have to be shipped all the way around the world. Using technology that is sustainable and efficient, for example, motion detected lighting. So design to fit the needs for now, but don’t hinder the future.

In the beginning of the semester, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it meant to be truly sustainable. I thought that it just meant to use bamboo flooring and LED lighting. As the semester progressed, I learned that there are many more ways to be sustainable. This can be done in many ways, anything from how the building is constructed or designed all the way to using empathic design. Being an interior design student, I have tried to use empathic design in all of my designs. I like to think that I have a huge heart, and it really drives me crazy when I walk through a newly constructed or remodeled public space, and me, a person with no disabilities, can see how a person with even the mildest of disabilities would struggle to do the easiest of a task in the space. Never did I think that empathic design, but its designing for the present, but also designing for the future generations.

My biggest epiphany would have to be that I never expected to be so interested in being sustainable, and how much the world was being hindered because

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