Final Blog!

WE DID IT!! Last blog!!! Wahoo!!

Sustainability to me at the beginning of the semester could best summed up in “go green” posters, cloth diapers that I’ve seen ads for and recycling bins… that was about it.  Now that I have taken this course I see that those are very important parts of the sustainable mindset, but they only cover a small part of it.  Sustainability to me now is the idea of having the ability to take something that others might see as “done,” “finished” or “unable to be used anymore” and seeing a whole new life for it; essentially finding the object in possession new way to be useful to us so that it doesn’t just lay there as waste anymore.  My mindset of the idea has changed without a doubt and I am very thankful for that, we only get one Earth, and being the stewards we are we must take care of it.

One of the parts of the course that stuck out to me was how nature is incorporated with design.  Whether it be interior, architecturally, in the way clothing moves and looks or in the layout of a store floor.  Everything in nature has its own rhythm and flow and the fact that people are mimicking that in design is spectacular.  Biomimicry is everywhere, and since this course I have began to see that more and more in my day to day. I know this idea is not going to be something that just goes in one ear and out the other, but is going to be implemented in my future.  Nature brings a sense of calm to each of us.  I want to one day own my own bridal shop, picking a bridal gown is without a doubt one of the most stressful moments in a woman life, I can’t think of a place that could better use the serenity that nature brings!

I don’t know that I knew what the course was fully about to be able to say that I learned something I wasn’t expecting to learn, but I can say with full confidence that I learned far more than I expected to.  I didn’t think the class would change my mindset for much, and in some areas it didn’t.  But I also don’t believe that was the goal, I very much know that the goal was to inform about the deeper parts of sustainability and thats exactly what was done.  I now know that its not and idea or poster, its an action that can be taken.  In the fashion industry there is a huge amount of waste created, whether it be polluted water from factories, physical waste from discarded clothing or a number of other possibilities.  The issue isn’t going to just magically take care of itself and us wake up one day and it be gone, its going to take action from each of us in the industry who see a need and fit that need.  Taking course like this is important, not only to us and our GPA (hehe), but to the future of the world.  Now that we have been informed, it is time that we each go out and do something about it!

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