Sustainability – Final Blog

After being in this sustainability class, and other sustainability classes that I have taken in the past, I would describe sustainability as being able to keep our earth clean and being able to live in a healthier way then the way that we are living now. When using sustainability in the way that we design we are able to produce products that are safer for us and also safer for the environment. Before taking a sustainability class I was never aware of the problems that are around us and how much of these problems are produced by things that we do, even if we aren’t aware of it. I think that everyone should be aware of these problems that are around us and know how we are able to solve these problems. It would take some change in the way that we are doing thing snow, but the earlier we start practicing sustainable way the quicker they will catch onto others and the quicker our bad habits will start to change.
One of the concepts that we have talked about many times in class but has always caught my interest every time is the concept of biomimicry. This is not a normal way that people connect nature and things that we do every day together. This concept is one that is very creative and uses the way that nature does things and applies these ways to the way that we do things to make them more effect and work better. Over the thanksgiving break I came across an example of this because some of my family was talking about elk and how their antlers will grow so strong and never fail to come back after they lose them. They talked about how if we could find out how they do this and then apply this to the way that humans grow their bones then doctors would be able to help people grow strong bones. I thought that this was very interesting and would be a good thing to know and a discovery that could be very helpful.
Since I never knew anything about sustainability in the first place there was nothing that I expected to learn about but didn’t. Although after being done with this class and knowing what I know now, I would like to see how sustainable ways progress in the future. Now that I am aware of them they will be something that I will be looking out for. Now that sustainability classes have to be taken by DHM students I think that the word about being sustainable will start to spread around more and more. After we all graduate we will be taking these ideas that we have learned to where we start to work at. We will ether act on them or we will spread the word about them and tell others about the ways we could be doing things for the better. I think that even if some of us don’t have intentions of applying these practices we will still think about them and keep them in mind in the way that we do things day to day.

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