Wrapping up!

I can’t believe this class is coming to an end already. It has definitely been a long semester, but it feels like this class just flew by. At the beginning of this course, I knew barely anything about sustainability and the concepts within it. As far I was concerned, as long as I recycled a few water bottles, I was being sustainable. Now, I would define sustainability as a lifestyle change of using products and living in a way that is helping our environment. Living a sustainable life is always working to improve the earth and spread awareness about sustainability issues. Sustainable design is also a way of designing products, services, or even interior spaces with sustainability as the number one priority. I feel like I always had some type of understanding of what sustainability and sustainable design was, but I never knew how many principles and theories lie within the topic.

One of the biggest learning epiphanies I had this semester was learning and realizing just how awful our specific industry is at being sustainable. The fashion industry as a whole uses pretty terrible processes and is terrible at wasting merchandise. While there are some companies who focus on being sustainable, most companies are focused on staying on trend and selling the most product. After taking this class, I realized just how much the fashion industry needs to make a sustainable change. We need to focus more on using more eco-friendly processes, as well as reducing the waste of products that may not sell or go out of style. As I graduate this May and move into my career, I want to focus on “closing the loop” within the fashion industry. I think recycling, specifically upcycling, is a great way of reducing waste and working to close the loop from beginning to end.

Knowing what I know now about sustainability, I want to continue to focus on transferring what I’ve learned into my everyday life. It is very easy to say you are going to be sustainable rather than actually doing in. I plan to make steps into changing my day-to-day life into a sustainable one. I also want to continue educating myself on all things sustainable. I enjoyed learning about small things everyone can do to make the earth a better place, such as picking up pieces of trash around campus. I want to continue to learn more about the little things I can do because I think that is the best way to continue growing in my sustainability journey.

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