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Sustainability to me would be doing your best to live your life and design your businesses in a way that will benefit and not hurt the environment. To me sustainable design can mean a lot of different things on one hand something can be a sustainable design by being created by recycled materials or something like that but it could also be sustainable by the way it’s designed and the design is timeless and will be around and fashionable for a long time so there won’t be a need to get rid of it. This is very different from when I started the course because I thought it was all about recycling when I started this class. And while that is very important I learned there are many other things that go into sustainability other than just recycling.

I think the most pronounced epiphanies I had during this course was the concept of empathetic design. I find this concept incredible because I care very deeply about people. And I honestly think this is the best way to design. We used to design for people based on that it wouldn’t be perfect but it would be good enough so it would sell to many people I think we missed the boat at that point because not designing a product with a person’s best interests in need it is going to one create more waste and two the customer will never be completely satisfied with it. Therefore, I think we need to start designing for specific people who need a specific item. Because if they are in love with it they won’t get rid of it for a long time. Because it will be useful and will fit well if it is a garment of clothing. I think this will also increase customer satisfaction tenfold. I also took the sustainability journey myself personally. I started using a recycling bin that gets picked up once a week and I have started to cut down on waste that I never realized I was making before. One of the best things I can think of is I’ve started not using straws at restaurants. This has cut down on my waste by a lot. I’ve also started buying things that I can get in containers that I own so that I don’t have to throw the packaging away if I don’t have to.

One thing I would like to learn more about in the future is just how to further my journey in sustainability I need to do more research on brands and make sure that their beliefs line up with my own beliefs because if they do not then I do not need to be buying products from these companies. I don’t want to be using or consuming products from companies that use sweat shops or use child labor or don’t care for the environment at all. I think this is something I can take upon myself too is to do the research every time I go shop so I can make an educated decision on the brands and products I am buying.


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