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As my student my journey is coming to an end, my sustainability journey is just beginning. My time here at Oklahoma State has been full of passionate, knowledgeable instructors who truly want nothing more than to see us succeed and thrive. I appreciate your passion Dr. Jayadas, for both sustainability and empathic design. I learned about sustainability early on in my journey at Oklahoma State. However, I am embarrassed and somewhat disappointed in myself, because it wasn’t until this semester that I grasped the concrete concept of what sustainability should mean to me as a future interior designer and facility manager. As a designer I also should strive to be sustainable in my daily life. I mean what do I look like, preaching to my clients about sustainability if I do not even practice it. I once thought that sustainability was about recycling, reusing materials, and cutting back on things such as water and electricity. Today, I am proud to say that I truly have become knowledgeable on the concept and all it has to offer. It is complex, but that is the beauty of it, because there is so much one individual may do to make their footprint on this earth a sustainable one.

Sustainability has a lot to do with how we treat Mother Earth, and what and how we use her natural resources. Focusing on using our resources sparingly, and preserving our planet for the future generations to come is a pivotal step for us a educators, facilitators and activist. Right now many assume that our actions will not affect the future, but changes need to be made, and quickly. I believe that this is where we as designers must step in. The 11th Hour video was what I believe to be my “epiphany” moment throughout this semester. It was like it all just clicked and wow, was it eye- opening! We truly are killing ourselves! We are in the last year, the last day, and the very last hour, with only seconds away from needing to make the changes for both our and our planets survival. It was watching this video when I realized my role as an individual and a designer. Sustainability to me as a designer is how I can select materials and finishes with the least amount of impact on the environment, and also how I can educate clients on sustainable products to help reduce the impact on the environment. I feel that now, I will be better prepared to explain to clients that the long-term impact of selecting materials that are sustainable.

Some of the most significant points I will take with me from my Oklahoma State journey were those of Empathic Design. As an interior designer this is such an important concept to know and apply when working with clients. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to practice designing empathetically and was amazed by my own thought process at times. I do not know where my journey as an Interior Designer will be taking me, but I hope to always be an empathic individual and always design that way. Knowing that that always creates a sustainable lifestyle is a plus too. If anything could have been added to my sustainable journey this year, I think that it would be the opportunity to interact with the real, such as when with did with the Botanical Gardens and Mr. Giovonni.

I appreciate Oklahoma State and you Dr. Jayadas for the time you have invested in the knowledge you have instilled! Here’s to being sustainable!

About Saydi Hunter

Being a native of Texas, I have a passion for both design and people. I try to live my life to the fullest and walk by faith. Although often, I fall short of both of these task God's grace never fails me. I am blessed beyond belief with life and my beautiful little family.
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