Contradictive World

After this week I have gained a lot of insight about the true meaning of wicked problems, and how it relates to our environment and society. I was really intrigued that it had to do with the environment and society, because I have always been a huge advocate about keeping the planet safe. Relating this to Easter Island it had given us an even more in-depth realization, about how our planet can evolve if we don’t protect it. The book enlightened me about how naïve and clouded a society’s judgement can be when they are just focused on the aesthetics of their own society. The book illustrated how the society on Easter Island wanted to control every aspect of religion and different statues that they had made. In turn, by doing that they ended up making the island low on resources causing corruption among the many different individuals in that society. The civilization at the time went into a panic and then the chaos began, causing war, and even cannibalism, with the scarcity of food that hadn’t been available due to their idiotic discretion. Although Easter Island is well known for being one of the most advanced societies of their time it still resulted in deforestation, corruption, overpopulation, and an extinction of their own people. It just goes to show how easy it is for any population to go downhill if there is a lack of attentive work for helping the environment.

Using Easter Island as an example of a well-developed and advanced society that had fallen, the 11th hour exhibits many of the same aspects, but demonstrates them in our world today. The movie had talked about climate change, fossil fuel use, deforestation, pollution, mistreatment of oceans, and many other wicked problems that we are struggling with. I think with many of the problems that we are facing, is that there are too many opinions on this planet, and to move forward we must try and respect each person. It’s hard to mix being politically correct, factual evidence of environmentalist, celebrities, and the oil industries in the same group. Many of us other than the self-seeking money makers such as poachers typically want the planet to be safe. Sometimes our opinions get off topic, because we all live different lives, and must be realistic about living and feeding the people we love; However, at the same time if we work together, a strong society can up with an agreement to help all parties that are involved.  

This all ties into what a wicked problem is, and I believe it’s a problem within our society due to contradictory beliefs. Its hard to get everyone to become more resourceful, because its easy to lose focus on what we need to start doing for our planet to save it from destruction. Even in my own personal life I have forgotten about daily habits that I do, that aren’t very resourceful. Just from this week it has reminded me of how important it is to be mindful and respectful to our planet.


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1 Response to Contradictive World

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    Excellent blog! You are doing a nice job of exploring the core of many conflicts across wicked problems: beliefs.

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