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When signing up for this class I was not sure what to expect, but after just the first week and our two class periods I can tell this class is something special and will leave an effect on me. Somewhat of the exact effect we humans are leaving on our planet Earth, hopefully not as harmful but I will remember it. Our reading on Easter Island was outstanding to me, it opened my eyes and mind up to so much I did not know about. I had heard about Easter Island before but never knew that it has endured everything the people put it through. Our reading showed me how society then, and much worse today, is killing off our planet for the aesthetics and wants of mankind. They used all of their resources constantly, surprising without realizing they were running out fast which lead to their fall. Easter Island is only one of many examples of how society is so harmful and mindless to what is going on around us, which is all things we caused. Not only did they destroy the island, and ultimately themselves they showed to be a corrupt society when things got bad and went to cannibalism. I do not believe we would ever get to cannibalism, but we are heading down a dark path filled with greed, distortion, and corruption. That is no type of society to live in, and we should learn from them and learn from our own mistakes because we are using everything up fast, and soon enough Earth will not be able to hold everyone. Our end is coming as fast as theirs did.

I had never seen or heard of the 11th hour that we watched on the first day, and to be honest I was thinking what kind of nature movie could this be if Leonardo DiCaprio was in it. Little did I know, this movie was profound, and nothing like what I expected. Although it was produced almost 11 years ago, the issues they talk about and explore have become so much worse since then. We have as a nation, and then as a world have been on a downfall since the industrial revolution, and I had no idea it led back that far. We are no longer slowly running out resources or taking up every inch of Earth, it is happening so rapidly we cannot catch up or reverse some of the damage we have all done. Most people focus on or only think about the trash or recycling and while those are all good things that need to changed, global warming and nonrenewable resources are an urgent matter. We as a nation need to be more mindful about everything we are putting in the atmosphere and in the water, and put a limit on the resources we are using every day. These among many others are exactly what and why we are learning what is a wicked problem, because not every problem is one but they are all around us.

Learning about wicked problems, the 11th hour, Easter Island, and everything we are causing to our home is devastating. With the fast consumption culture we are ever growing in today we need to learn to change our ways or our downfall will come quick. If everyone could sit in on this class or learn the truth and change their ways, human could be what fixes what we caused and not only be what ruined us and the Earth.

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  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    Nice job this week! Don’t forget to give your blog a title!

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