My Sustainability Journey – Blog 1

In my first few classes, I have had an interesting experience. I have already learned so much and I feel as though my eyes have been opened. I specifically remember an ‘ah-ha’ moment while I was watching “The 11th Hour.” The scientists in the video said that human beings do not see themselves as a part of nature. However, human beings are definitely a part of nature. I reflected on myself and realized that I had the same mindset. It is so easy for me to think of myself as this superior being because of what society has taught me. I am so grateful for this realization and am excited to learn more.

I find myself thinking about how I can help improve the environment. I realize that my actions today are affecting many people, places, and things. I wanted to take a step closer to being more environmentally friendly. One thing that specifically worries me is all the pollution that is ending up in our oceans. Therefore, when I went grocery shopping over the weekend, I bought reusable bags so I can reduce the amount of plastic bags that could potentially end up in the Ocean. I probably saved five plastic bags with that one singular effort and I already feel a lot better. There is definitely a lot more to accomplish in today’s society but I am eager to figure it out and learn as I go.

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