The Beginning of My Sustainable Journey

This class has already been so eye opening. Walking into the classroom with only a projector and beanbag chairs was interesting. I never heard anything about this course, so walking in, I was not sure what to expect, but so far, I am enjoying it immensely.  Not knowing what to expect in a class can be kind of intimidating, but I have already learned a lot about what a wicked problem is, and how problematic they are to our world. I now understand that a wicked problem is a problem that is always changing and there is not a solution that is clearly defined. Watching “The 11thHour” was so eye opening. I had never heard of that documentary before, but I really enjoyed watching it. This documentary was so incredibly eye opening. I never thought of how the progressive aspects of our culture have increasingly had a negative impact on the earth. Like the documentary said, the Steam Engine was a big step in a bad direction. One big thing that stuck out to me was that “We cannot be separated from Nature.” If you really think about it, us as humans are completely responsible for harming the earth.

The Easter Island reading was so insightful. I suppose people just do not realize how similar the rest of the world is to Easter Island. At first, the Island was bountiful, with luscious forests, water sources, and land that was easy to plant crops. Some may say that because of the easy way of life, the natives of the area did not have to work hard for what they wanted, which resulted in the dwindling land and population. These natives eventually used up all of their resources, to the point that cannibalism was an active part of their lives. The deforestation that occurred on Easter Island is something that we currently see in the world today. The amount of forest that is left on the planet is not even close to what it used to be, and continues to decrease daily. With this daily decrease, soon, if we are not careful, there will be no trees left. Much like the Natives of Easter Island, if we are not careful and pay close attention to our resources, they could very easily dwindle to nothing, then we could end up like the natives, who began to appear barbaric. This has been all new information for me. I had no idea that the earths limited resources were barely enough to meet the needs of all the inhabitants, or that humans demand way too much of earth. What I do know now is that we need to make a change. Change does not have to include an army of people at the beginning, but just one or two people who are willing to step up and help change human history for the better and hopefully, to better our planet.

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