The Beginning of The End

When I signed up for this class, I viewed it as just another ‘chore’ to accomplish in the quest for my degree. When I went to my advisor asking about this class, he informed me that the basic idea of it was that it is a class that teaches eco friendliness. This made me weary of the class because it was unlike any class I had ever been in before. However, even after the first day of class, I was not only intrigued, but invested in the problems that this class began to bring to my attention. Whilst watching the video shown in class, I was on the edge of my seat. I was so surprised by the statistics and information that was given in the video. When the scientists in the video mentioned that our current 7 billion person earth physically cannot sustain a 10 billion person population, I could not believe it. Honestly, this was just as disturbing to me as it was meant to be. My first thought was, “How could everyone just sit around and let this happen.” Then I realized that we are not just sitting around, letting this disjustice occur. Conversely, we are actually accomplices in the destruction of the earth. This video gave insight into the ways in which the human race is simply allowing, as well as aiding, the depletion of the resources that sustain life on our planet. The video clip forced me to look at the way I have been living my own life. I realized that I have been living without any regard for the future on the subject of resourcefulness.

When I saw the assigned reading for the second day of class, I was actually excited to see that it was over Easter Island. I have always heard of this topic as being described as ‘mysterious,’ but I never knew the story behind it. After reading the assigned pages, I was shocked to see how such an advanced and complex society could fall to such a barbaric and almost archaic state. I could not understand how the people of this society just continued to abuse their resources and land even as they could watch it falling. This is exactly how our society is acting at this very moment. We see the transformation our world is and has been making and we just allow it continue worsening. If we do not act against this injustice, we will be paying for it in the near future, just as we already are now to some extent.

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