The beginning to my sustainability journey

In the first two classes so far I have been very interested in the informative lectures we have been given. I am very excited for all the information we are going to be able to take in from this class and spread it throughout the world. So far learning about Wicked Problems has been very eye opening and has made me already question if I treat the earth how I’m supposed to and if my footprint in the work will be positive. Every day I try to make sure to do little things, like turn the sink off when I’m brushing my teeth to save water, and recycling my excess paper in my design classes. However there are still little things I have noticed myself doing that I could improve. In example I could stop using plastic straws so often, I could get a metal one to limit my waste of plastic. There are little things we can all do to limit the amount of waste we leave on the earth. Earths resources are not unlimited. While learning about easter island and how they didn’t sustain any of their materials. It is really scary to learn about how they were miserable and totally out of supplies because they wasted a lot of it on silly unnecessary things. I feel like the world is slowly headed down that route. The amounts of trees is shrinking more and more. It honestly makes me scared for the future generations and scared for my children and their children. While watching the 11th hour it only made me more worried and motivated me to want to be more proactive for the world. I already try living a more organic and natural lifestyle, however these past week of class only enforced it more. I’m so excited to see what impact we can have on the planet and how positive we can be as individuals.

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