The start of my Sustainability Journey

Being a junior I was a frustrated that I have to take three different sustainability courses because most people that are on the same degree plan that I’m on only had to take one course. However, after attending two classes I had a change of heart. Not only do I love the concept of sitting in bean bags and meditating, I also like getting to meet new people. Most of the students are a year or two below me, but this class has allowed me to get to know the younger girls. I have already been given the opportunity to guide two girls in their career path and give them advice that I wish I would have known my freshman year.  

Although I have taken a few sustainability courses throughout my time here at OSU, I have never fully understood what sustainability means and after attending the first two classes last week I finally heard a definition that makes sense to me. Before taking the course I was not sure what “Wicked Problems” meant and watching the 11th Hour introduced me to many wicked problems going on today. Even though the movie was produced over a decade ago the problems that were shown in the movie are still relevant today and have increasingly gotten worse.  I have never been educated on how much humans impact the earth and all the damage that is being done, so watching the movie gave me a better understanding of what we are living through and how to help while we can. The movie made me think about how I am personally effecting the planet and how I can make a difference in my own life. Even though I am one person out of a few billion, I know that I can still help make a change.

The reading on Easter Island was very interesting to me because before reading the article I had never heard of it before. It was interesting to read what people went through back in the day and how the islanders lived with limited resources. It opened my eyes and made me realize that if humans do not start taking action to make a change then, we too could end up like Easter Island. Easter Island failed miserably and the islanders went crazy so they eventually turned to cannibalism in result of having zero access to food or water or any other resources they needed to live. Although, Earth would never turn to cannibalism, it was very interesting to read about how a failed society changed so quickly and all the damages it left behind. The chances of that happening to any of us are very slim, but it does put things into perspective and makes me want to help in any way I can so one day that is not the norm for our society.

Thus far, I have really enjoyed this course. What we have learned so far and the activities we have done are great ways to introduce the class to wicked problems and sustainability. From each activity that we have done, I have greatly benefited from and gained a lot of knowledge on subjects that I would have never been exposed to if it weren’t for this class. With how fast the economy is growing and as the population increases, it is very important that more people are educated on what is going on in the world, especially the young generations. If enough people are educated, then more people can make a change and act now.

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