The Start of the Journey

My first time attending this class was quite a surprise to me; walking in and seeing the bean bag chairs and starting the course out with the movie The 11th Hour. My first impression was that Dr. Armstrong wanted us to feel welcomed and respected, and I really appreciate that. My advisor never explained what this class was about, I figured it would be just like Problem Solving Stradegies but a little Wicked. I learned quickly that is not the case. I loved that the introduction to the class was the movie, it has set the tone for me for this class and it makes me motivated to solve real wicked problems. I always knew that problems in the world are serious, but watching scientists and theorist explain how serious it is and that we our ruining the earth is terrifying. As we read about Easter Island I noticed that we are doing very similar habits as they did. They used all of their resources until it turned into man eat man, I feel as if we need to rise that history back to the surface to make it a huge eye opener to the world.

I try my best to recycle, use reusable materials, etc. but as we all know that is difficult when businesses don’t come out with materials like that. We need to put earth first, but what do we do to get people to think that? Everyone wants to just live, but how could you do that when there is no earth? It is very difficult for me to try to understand why companies, like big oil companies, are so selfish when it comes to earth. Businesses are driven by money and they do what is the cheapest option for them, which is what is destroying the earth. I feel as if they need to be the first targets for changing this wicked problem. We need change and fast, the damage is already done and most of it can’t be reversed but it would be better than permanent and worsening issues. I could say I am very in touch with nature and Dr. Armstrong’s teachings already has me thinking outside of the box for change. This first week has impacted me drastically and I hope that I learn much more on how I can solve issues like what is gong to today.

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