We Are All Individual Pieces to a Much Larger Puzzle

Growing up and being raised in Eugene, Oregon, I had a general idea of what sustainability meant before coming here to Oklahoma State. However, after attending my first two class sessions in Wicked Problems, I have quickly realized that I can learn and contribute more to the worldwide sustainability efforts. Coming from a town that makes you pay for paper sacks at the grocery store to composting every single food scrap, it’s easy to say I have had my run ins on the various sustainability methods. From the first day of class, I could easily tell that this class was right up my alley in terms of environmental concerns around the world. By being raised in a very eco-friendly community, I have tried my best to remain environmentally thoughtful while I continue my studies here in Oklahoma. I have noticed that it is quite difficult to keep up with my sustainability standards due to the cultural changes I have experienced. For example, the use of plastic bags at grocery stores almost made me cringe the first time I shopped here, especially since the stores use one bag per grocery item it seems. Before moving here, I hadn’t seen a plastic bag in years but now I see them blowing away in the wind down the road. Which leads me to this, we cannot change how the world works overnight, but we can start by modifying our behavior in the communities we reside in to hopefully create a regional change. Which will contribute and snowball into a country then worldwide change. Change always starts at the lowest levels, meaning us. We dictate the change we want to see.


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