being aware vs caring

Being aware is something I have always prided myself in. I strive to be politically aware, socially aware, environmentally aware, and so on. Sometimes being aware isn’t enough. I care about the environment a lot. But then I think to myself sometimes, “Do I really?” Do I really take all the possible steps I can to make the earth cleaner and keep it alive longer? I surely want to, but sometimes laziness or a feeling of helplessness can get in the way. I know the earth has a lot of problems. I know its life expectancy is slowly diminishing. I know the oceans and air is polluted with human garbage. I knew all of this before the first day of class, and it really upsets me. But my existence feels so insignificant most of the time; I feel like nothing I try to do would actually even put a dent into solving this global problem. My sorority has been trying to start recycling, but our housing corp doesn’t care enough to pay for a recycling bin. That frustrates me so much because even when I try, even if it is so insignificant, there is still a roadblock. I wish I could enter everyone’s minds and make us all collectively care enough to stop the things we do that harm the earth, or at least attempt to stop.

I know the first step in solving this issue is to get the world leaders behind it. Right now our president doesn’t even think global warming is real. It seems as if he’s actually trying to speed it up in fact. Nothing could make a concerned citizen feel even more helpless. Something has to happen to make all the billion dollar corporations realize that the world we live on is actually more important than profit. Unfortunately, too much has already happened and there has been no change.

I knew that overpopulation was an issue, but that problem wasn’t actually defined for me until I watched the 11th hour. When it was explained that the natural capacity of the earth is one billion people and the industrial revolution caused us to start populating high than that number, I truly understood. 8 billion people is far too much strain on the earth’s natural resources. That is truly a wicked problem. How can this be solved? Killing 7 billion people? That is certainly controversial. I have already previously decided if I do have children I will only have one. However, I hear people talk about this issue all the time and then say “but I want at least three anyway.” That’s not an OK attitude to have!!!!!! The problem is people know, some may be in denial, but they know. They just don’t care.

it was proven through our reading about the Easter island people that the problems that we face today are human problems that could happen at any point in time. It is just different now because of the resources we now have that are far more harmful and far less renewable. However, like the island people we are too obsessed with technology or whatever else this century has given us. We are distracted with all the good to see the bad that is right in front of us. And again, the good is so good, that we don’t really care about the bad.

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