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I have never learned such an abundance of critical information after only two classes of a course. I have knowledge of what exactly a wicked problem is and the great amount of difficulty and dedication it must take to solve one. Wicked problems has already opened my eyes to several issues occurring around the world and given me insight on what we as humans need to do in order to control these problems that are negatively affecting our environment. The Easter Island reading is what initially sparked my concern about our world in general. The events that took place back then remind me exactly of what is taking place today. Civilians living on Easter Island took advantage of the limited resources they were offered and it eventually back fired. The island carried trees, plants, fish, and a few other animals which were all corrupted once these civilians took over and adapted to this land form. The population continued to increase on Easter Island and its limited resources simply could not sustain this society. One might say that this turned the society completely ballistic; turning to war, cannibalism, and going into an absolute panic. This is a prime example of humans being so vividly unaware of the damage and harm we are continuously causing to this place we call home. The idea of this tragedy potentially occurring again on this Earth is absolutely terrifying to me.

Another thing that highly sparked my interest and concern on this topic is the production “The 11th Hour.” I wish I had seen this film sooner because I would definitely be much more aware of just how much the earth is being mistreated today. From climate change to fossil fuel usage, the list of wicked problems could likely go on forever. Global warming is a fact, but much of Earth’s population chooses to deny it. I believe that it is very difficult to deny such a horrific thing that is only getting worse each and every day. It is critical that we as a society inform the population of just where the earth is headed if we continue to treat the environment with such disrespect. These are issues that could possibly only be solved if everyone chooses to comes together. It is important to understand that this is our home, our children’s home, our children’s children’s home, etc. Something that really stuck out to me when Dr. Jayadas was lecturing, was how we sympathize for animals suffering due to this horrible phenomenon, but we then go purchase apparel from a company that is potentially contributing to this issue as a whole. It is also mind blowing to me that the environment could completely flourish without the presence of humans, but humans cannot do the opposite. Today’s society fully depends on the environment and our high dependency on the resources available to us have very much corrupted us in a way. It is the little things that we must think about and consider when trying to improve and conserve our environment.

I am now much more aware of my personal routine and if I am practicing sustainability or not. I have started to practice living in a more sustainable way by drinking from less plastic water bottles and if I do I must recycle them afterwards. Many people believe that they are unable to make a difference but they do not realize just how important it is to change the little things. Instead of throwing that plastic water bottle away, recycle it. I choose to continue believing that we will one day make a difference, even if it takes changing one mind at a time.

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