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As I enrolled for this class, I honestly did not know what to expect from it. I quickly realized that this was going to be a class that I will genuinely enjoy. I first realized this because as I opened the classroom door and walk in, the very first thing that I saw was bean bags, and bean bags are always a good sign. But that was the only sign. as we went through the syllabus and talked more about the class, I learned more about what this class was going to be about. I got to see the attitude and the passion professor Armstrong had for this course as well.

In addition to the bean bags, the syllabus description and my first impression of professor Armstrong, the movie was something else that really helped me understand the meaning and purpose behind this class. I had never seen the movie the 11th hour before but i had heard many great things about it. My first impression that I got from the movie was the desperation from these scientist. It really put it into perspective of how badly we treat this earth, and how much we take things for granted from it. The earth has so many great things to offer us, but with us treating it as badly as we have for so long the things that it is currently offering us will soon be gone. I learned that if we continue these greedy actions, things will start to negatively change. Out of the many things that the scientist said throughout the first part of the movie, the one that stuck with me the most was when they began was talking about the consequence of our actions. That was what really put things into perspective for me.

Until the first day of this class, was never really educated on the problems of the lack of sustainability. Now I am more aware of them and eager to learn the ways that we can give back to the earth as a society. With the first week of this class being over I am excited to see what it holds for us in these upcoming weeks and the awesome things that we will get to learn.

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