Blog 1: Wicked Sustainability Problems & Collapse

From a young age, I have always been thoughtful when it comes to recycling and being wasteful. For some reason, it has always been on my mind and something that I never skip on. If I can save some money or resources by being conscientious, I will do it. My dad recycles, I recycle, my grandma recycles, my whole family recycles. I even started a campaign for my pageant platform, Queens Going Green. Now that I am older and more aware of the issues that are prevalent in our world, I understand that just recycling is not enough. To improve our world, we need to do more.

Looking back on the first week of class and assignments, I have become more concerned than ever with our Earth. Before college, I was not fully aware of all the sustainability issues that we have. Thinking back on the documentary that we watched in class, I feel so helpless. I wish that I could make a great difference in the world. Sadly, some of the Earth’s greatest problems are irreversible. All we can do now is do our best to cut down on the potential harm to our world. I didn’t realize how wasteful our world is and that we could put a stop to it. Most people don’t want to pay extra to be sustainable and save our resources.

Reading the text on Easter Island was an eye-opener because it shows you just how fast an advanced civilization can deteriorate from the lack of consideration for resources. The same thing is happening all over the world today. The world’s citizens are being careless with our limited natural resources. Every citizen of our planet can do their part by educating themselves on ways to recycle, reduce unnecessary waste, and limit the destruction of our environment.

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