Personal Reflection over Wicked Sustainability Problems and Collapse

Heading into this course I  had heard few things about wicked sustainability problems. The information I did know was learned through my previous DHM classes I had taken, especially my research methods course. In the first two days of class I was shocked to  not only learn what is defined as a wicked problem, but how many worldly problems were in fact considered to wicked; uncontrollable and intense. The information presented to me in class saddened me because I realized I could do little to nothing to impact the solutions of the many vaguely defined problems. Another fact I was unaware of was the depth of impact Big Business has on these problems. However because of capitalistic greed and needs for power, individuals working in large corporations will continue to make decisions that will have negative impacts on the world but a positive impact on their wallets. This to me is frustrating and debilitating.  In addition I have realized most wicked problems are interconnected, meaning one problem impacts another problem, which impacts another problem. By trying to fix one of the problems we may be able to start fixing the others in a chain reaction, creating a reversible butterfly effect.

In turn I have realized that by pure human nature our civilization will continue to leave these problems unsolved. Our fault to not be proactive in the process to solve wicked problems, of which include, climate change, population growth, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and nonrenewable resources use, leaves me questioning humanity. I feel as if our society has become so fast paced that individuals primary concern is with gaining more and more resources to produce more and more things, feeding the materialistic lifestyle of the future.  This makes me wonder what will it take for the leaders of societies, the ones who have the most power to help solve these problems, to change their actions to create change for the better. I believe it will take a great multi leveled tragedy of crisis to shift the way these leaders lead and followers follow.

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