Mindful Behaviors

 In class this week we learned about what our society’s beliefs and values were in terms of a paradigm, along with practicing more mindful behaviors. Learning about the paradigm to our society and practicing more mindful behaviors correlates with how we think about sustainability.

I personally have liked how we learned about the different practices of being mindful, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives.  Mindfulness is linked to many different practices that can help with well-being, values, empathy, and sustainability. I personally like to clear my head before I start doing a big project or if I need some time to think about a big decision. I found that when I am sitting in a room practicing mindfulness it has been able to give me a bigger perspective on a lot of situations. It has increased my empathy, as I am not as quick to get anger for the small things in life. It gives me time out of my day to show my true values in life, and for me to see how blessed I truly am. Overall, mindful thinking has worked on me, and I really think that it does help the body emotionally and physically.

As for sustainability mindfulness correlates with what the western values are in terms of being aware of sustainable matters. We learned that the west initiated a set of beliefs that placed an emphasis on rationality and science, and the thought that society could be improved through hard work, and the application of technology and moral development.  Learning about the free market environmentalism, and how individuals fear different profit motive leads to the depletion or degradation of environmental resources. There have been many different opinions/views about these topics because we don’t know what could happen. There are also some problems where individuals are worried that less developing countries will not be able to keep up with the richer countries, because the wealth of nations and the environment applies to market values but not to socialist ones. Its hard to think about future goals, but, wealthier countries value environmental amenities more highly and enhance their production by employing environmentally friendly tech. Its hard to make these decisions, because there are so many different views on the matter, and everyone involved just wants the best for the earth. If we practice more mindful behaviors I believe that we can reach a common solution.

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