Being Mindful

For the first two weeks of this course, i have enjoyed every second to be totally honest. From learning about the world and what our impact has, to learning how to properly meditate. The meditation has actually helped me many days. I find myself getting worked up or stressed over numerous things that i know are unimportant to my life. I have been trying to focus on my breathing and mentally picturing literally throwing the thought that has me upset in the garbage. It works! I have really been working on this. I have also noticed myself being more mindful of what is happening around me. I have tried using less water and reusing things like ziplocks and recycling small plastics. I have also considered buying a metal straw. These little things are what help us in the long run. if more people did things like reusing ziplocks that would lower plastic waste significantly. It is scary that if we continue to waste plastic and burn our garbage, we will end up like the western side of the world with smog everywhere and a ridiculous amount of pollution. I have been thinking that the time is now to stop waste, you have to stop somewhere so why not today? I consider myself a pretty mindful person, however i still find myself wasting little things and using things that pollute the planet. Starting with the little things, it will make such a big difference. i worry about my future decedents and children. It makes me scared to have kids one day if we are being honest here. It worries me that the world is at such a risk i don’t want them to get hurt, if one day i do have kids. As people, it is hard to understand that what we are doing everyday may be the cause of global warming and hurting the environment. Educating ourselves and our peers is one of the best things we can do.

This class has opened my eyes in many ways. I cant wait to see what the last two weeks will teach me and make me think about what my footprint in the world looks like. I hope i continue to grow and learn in this course and that what i leave with this semester could change my future opinions and choices forever!

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