Mindful Meditation and Paradigm

I really enjoyed the second week of class. It was adventurous and I learned a lot. In class we explored mindful meditation and that was my first time ever practicing meditation. I was unsure of what the process was going to entail, and after doing the first mediation I thought it was a little strange. After the second and third meditation I got very relaxed and into my thoughts. I am the type of person who does not share feelings with anyone, so for me to sit in silence and make myself think about how I really feel was relieving but also difficult. My favorite meditation that we practiced was the loving-kindness mediation. I enjoyed this practice more than any other because I liked being coached through the entire ten minutes. Being coached through was very beneficial to me because I never had the time to get stuck on one thought or be distracted. I am very excited that we get to mediate at the beginning of each class. I think this allows students to relax and get into the right mind set before starting a two-hour class. I realize how important meditating is in a sustainability aspect because if people can stop and take time to understand what is going on around them they will be more aware and want to help make earth a better place.

I had a family member pass away last Wednesday so I had to leave town for the funeral on Thursday night, so I did not get to participate in the class discussion on the reading about paradigms. However, I did read the article and I learned a lot from it. I had never heard of the word before, but after reading, I had a whole new perspective. I learned about viewpoints and beliefs and how not every individual is going to feel the same way about something. I am disappointed that I missed this discussion because I was anxious to hear people’s opinions after reading two different sides of a story. I was ready to engage in conversation and hear other student’s viewpoints. I am hoping that we get another opportunity to have a split discussion

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