paradigms and problems


This second week of class was very adventurous and eye opening for me. In class, we had various interactive activities which I like. One of the things that we did this week was meditate. so I had never mediated and I didn’t really know what it was going to be like, or what it was going to feel like. So I was initially kinda just freaked out, but I soon found out that I liked it. It allowed me just to really calm down and really just take a break from everything that I was worried about that day. I think that getting that moment during last week really calmed me down because I had so many things going on that were just stressing me out and once I got the chance to meditate I really relaxed and realized that I was stressing out more than I should have been.

Another thing that we did in class was discuss what paradigms were. I personally didn’t know what they were, but it was interesting listening to everyone opinions on what they thought the word meant. Listening to other peoples opinions really helps me to understand what it really means which is what people value, what peoples assumptions are, and what peoples beliefs  consist of. Paradigms are all apart of the world and no matter where you go peoples value and beliefs can be different and some can be the same, but no matter what they will always be there.

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