Paradigms & Potential

The first word I would use to describe this class is ‘insightful.’ I feel as though every class keeps me intrigued and gaining more insight than any of my college courses thus far. I am in a marketing class this semester and in this class we are assigned companies to help market and brand in a more efficient and successful way. This subject may seem as though it does not correlate to wicked problems, but allow me to continue my thought. One of my recent project companies was called Paradigm Shift. The actually business behind this company dealt with creating leaders by teaching groups of people unique leadership practices and lessons. The motto of this company was this: “Change your paradigm, and change your world.” This small saying resonated with me. We each have so much more potential to become leaders in this world. However, to become a great leader, change has to be the first thing to happen. A quote I try to live by says, “If nothing changes, then nothing changes.” As I read and learned this week in Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice, these phrases and ideologies kept coming to my mind. There is so much I can do to make small changes. However, I need to stop viewing these as small changes. Just as small negative actions can hurt our society in ecological ways, our positive actions can have an effect in the opposite way.

Human action seems to be a chain reaction. When we begin attempting to normalize care for the environment, I believe it truly can become just that–normal! Imagine everyone you know automatically and mindlessly doing things like taking the things they view as ‘trash’ straight to the recycling bins. When one person does it, people are bound to follow because of human nature. The reaction may not be immediate, but I am trying to remind myself to not allow this fact discourage me. Our paradigms are our mindsets, and the steps we choose to take in order to follow this mindset. Now that I am becoming more educated on the subject of protecting the planet and being more ecologically focused, I can see myself quite literally changing my paradigm. I have always been someone who thought of myself as a proponent for the earth’s ‘health.’ I now realize that all this time, I have not actually been changing my actions in a way to correlate them with this ideology. I never truly did anything to educate those around me. This might simply be because I was uneducated myself. I hope that as I continue to learn inside and outside of this course, I will embolden myself to take the initiative to protect those around me, and those to come after me by changing my everyday actions and lifestyle, therefore changing the world in some seemingly small way.

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