Problems with Paradigms

Last week’s classes we talked a lot about paradigms and their importance. Paradigms are the collective mental modes that are made up of our assumptions, values, and beliefs. It is the lens that we view our world through. There are different levels of paradigms that are present today, ranging from a single person to the entire world’s viewpoint. These paradigms influence our daily lives in every aspect. Everyone has an opinion about something and most of the time are subconscious and not intentional until they are acknowledged.

Another topic that was discussed last week was mindfulness. We practiced meditation which is a form being mindful. We talked about how being mindful is crucial to our world. Any way that you can be mindful, you should. It benefits everyone and has almost no cons. For example, practicing mindful consumption will help cut down and preserve our natural resources that are being used up without regulation. We are consuming more than we have and soon enough, our world will not have anything else to offer us. A solution to this mindLESS consumption is to become mindFUL and create a better alternative. We can better regulate the use of our resources and find other more sustainable solutions. The only con to this is the moral views that people have of our current world. Who are we to tell people to stop consuming and start preserving? We, collectively,  do have the right to take charge of our world and start protecting it. It can start now by implementing methods on our younger generations.

Paradigms are a big part of our world. It is time to start acknowledging every single one of them, good or bad. We can make the change to preserve our world. Obviously, we cannot reverse the damage that has already been done on our Earth but we can start to do better.

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