relax and take note

The lesson last week about mindfulness made me realize a lot of things about myself and the human population as a whole. It is very easy to get preoccupied in 1000 little things going on in life that ultimately mean nothing at the end of the day. I enjoyed the meditation, but it was hard for me. I am someone who worries constantly. I always have too much on my mind, and I have to stop and remind myself to not worry. I say “Alexa, this problem does not matter. It will not matter in 5 years and it will probably not matter next week. There are more important things to think about.” Completely releasing all my thoughts and making my mind blank was quite the challenge for me. However, when I managed to do it for a few brief moments, it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience for me. Many people have told me before that I should practice meditation to sooth my mind. It could do a whole lot of good if everyone in the world was more actively aware. Sometimes while walking on campus I leave my thoughts for a moment and take the time to enjoy the earth around me. I have never regretted those moments and often find much fulfillment from it.

Since this class started I have become more aware of how my actions might affect the bigger picture. I turn off every light when I leave a room. I turn off the water when I brush my teeth. These are things I knew of before, but was almost too lazy to take the initiative, even though they’re so easy.

While speaking about the American paradigm in class, I couldn’t help but feel like most of the American mindset seems much skewed. It seems like our perception of the rest of the world and how it functions is seen through a narrow view. I don’t believe that capitalism is the answer for everything.  I believe it does more harm than good. Production just leads to more pollution and consumption of resources. To me, it seems the US telling all other countries how to solve global warming and pollution is pretty hypocritical. Not every country can achieve the level of wealth to make everything green. Additionally, many countries that do have that wealth simply choose not to spend their money on that. Its more about attitude and caring than anything else.

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